A lovely place Enjoyable all year round

In Egmond aan Zee and the surrounding area, you can enjoy the space, lovely shops, cozy restaurants, and above all, the beautiful nature all year round. Of course, the beach and the sea are favorites, but the beautiful dune area is also worth a visit.

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Wheelchair-friendly area On vacation together

At De Egmonden, equal treatment and maximum hospitality have the highest priority. Fortunately, these values can also be seen in Egmond aan Zee.

Thanks to the wide footpath and uniformity, the Egmond aan Zee boulevard's viewing platforms are also easily accessible with your (electric) wheelchair, scooter, or walker. Most shops, restaurants, and beach pavilions are also easily accessible with a wheelchair.

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Discover the nature Carefree and relaxed

You will find kilometers of paved cycling and walking paths in the dune area in and around Egmond. These paths are very accessible for an (electric) wheelchair or scooter. Would you like to take a longer trip through the dunes? Then the electric wheelchair bike from our partner BikeMike is for you! This way, you can enjoy the beautiful surroundings together in a carefree way.

Would you like to spend a day at the beach, but are you dependent on your wheelchair? No worries! We have beach wheelchairs available for our guests. You can read more about it here.


A relaxing trip to the beach The beach wheelchair

If you visit Egmond, a trip to the beach cannot be missed, of course. Discover what Egmond's beautiful surroundings have to offer. With our partner Bike Mike, you can rent a beach wheelchair, making it possible for everyone to enjoy the beach. This makes your stay even more accessible and gives you the chance to enjoy it to the full.

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