Rent a beach wheelchair At De Egmonden

If you are in Egmond aan Zee, a visit to the beach should not be missed. We offer the possibility of renting special beach wheelchairs, including electric versions.

The beach wheelchair, the Jutter, is equipped with special air tyres making it easy to move around on the sand. We also have the electric beach wheelchair, the Wombat, which is equipped with two powerful electric motors, allowing you to move independently and effortlessly.

To rent a beach wheelchair (electric or not), visit BikeMike, a bike rental company located at Hotel Zuiderduin. Please note that Hotel Zuiderduin does not have a hoist. If you need a hoist, we recommend contacting Vegro, a company specialising in assistive device rental. They can help you book a hoist.

We recommend booking the beach wheelchair and any hoist in advance to ensure availability. You can make a reservation for the beach wheelchair by sending an e-mail to: or contacting them by phone at 072-750 20 30