Welcome to De Egmonden In Egmond aan Zee

On the edge of the dunes of Egmond aan Zee, the wheelchair-friendly De Egmonden is currently being finalized. The 25-holiday apartments are equipped with all amenities.

Unique in the region Fully adapted and barrier-free

The apartments are wheelchair accessible, have wide passageways, no thresholds, and electrically height-adjustable beds. The fully equipped kitchens are also adjustable in height. In the bathroom you have access to an adapted toilet, double washbasin in two heights and two showers. One of the showers is equipped with a folding shower seat.

De Egmonden is fully adapted to the wishes and needs of wheelchair users and is therefore unique in the area.


New and modern Ready for the future

The construction of De Egmonden started in 2019. After the parking garage underneath the apartments was excavated, the second phase of construction followed. Work on the exterior began in September 2020.

De Egmonden is completely energy neutral and built with full attention to environmental and social requirements. The apartments do not have a gas connection but are equipped with solar panels and use geothermal energy.

De Egmonden

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Physiotherapy Ronde de Egmonden

Apartments De Egmonden has a physiotherapy practice in-house. You can book a treatment with one of the physiotherapists of physiotherapy "Ronde de Egmonden", with a wide range of specializations.

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Restaurant Natuurlijk Fresh local produce

In collaboration with "Restaurant Natuurlijk" from Egmond aan Zee, it is possible to have your dinner delivered to your apartment. The restaurant, which focuses on organic and sustainable products, has a varied menu that you can find in your apartment.

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Niels ten Hagen Experience expert

"De Egmonden serves people who need the necessary adjustments with their special wishes. It is a wonderful addition to the existing range of offers, which has become complete for Egmond aan Zee."

Niels ten Hagen
Independent entrepreneur and blogger

Photo: Aldo Allessie

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